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Pupil Premium: introduction

All schools receive a grant based on the number of pupils in receipt of free school meals (FSM), children in care and children whose parents are in the services. This pupil premium (PP) funding is designed to narrow the gap between the attainment of pupils in receipt of pupil premium funding and other pupils in the school. Schools are free to use this money in any way they wish, but the aims must be clear - to raise standards for more disadvantaged children. Our Governor Finance Committee regularly challenge school leadership on the impact of this expenditure. We have based our spending on strategies that will benefit the individual children. Information on how Milton Abbot School intends to do this is contained in the documents below.

For our full pupil premium policy click here:

Disadvantaged Pupils: Our vision for making a difference, our determination to see every child achieving 

There are a number of key terms used by the Government and are discussed in the media when talking about the Pupil Premium grant. Disadvantaged pupils are those children in receipt of free school meals (FSM) or have been in receipt of this in the past 6 years (referred to as 'Ever 6'). There are long-standing patterns in our society that recognises that generally, pupils from poorer families are most vulnerable to developing gaps in their learning which can persist and grow, hampering their future life chances and so a cycle of poverty continues. Our aim is to break this cycle by identifying any gaps and filling them rapidly. We work hard to help every child achieve their potential and beyond, regardless of background or starting points.

  • We are deeply committed to ensuring our teaching is the best it can be, rapidly investing in teacher development where a need is identified.
  • We design learning that engages all, including any hard to reach boys, tailoring our teaching to focus on individual gaps to accelerate understanding.
  • We believe in forging a strong alliance between home and school, opening our doors and minds to consider how we can make a difference together; involving the pupil in their learning is a key part of this, highlighted by our Pupil Mentor scheme and after-school booster classes.
  • We want to develop the whole child, seeking to build emotional resilience in every child and raising levels of self-esteem through participation and achievement in a wide range of activities.
  • We state clearly that we believe in every child, illustrated through our slogan: Inspire, believe, succeed.

Strategies for expenditure and evaluation of impact:

Please click on the links below to see a more detailed plan of how we plan to use the Pupil Premium grant money to raise standards. You will see that the funding is used for individual support or whole group activities, as well as investing in the skills and knowledge of our teaching team. We evaluate every mid-year through pupil voice questionnaires, as well as a half-termly pupil progress meeting that looks at key data. 

Current Pupil Premium Grant Expenditure plan, click here:

Pupil Premium expenditure outcomes for 2018/19

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