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Our school and local offer for all children within our school, including those with SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities), details the provision that we provide within Milton Abbot school, as well as the services that we access in order to endeavour to meet the needs of all children within the school. This offer links with our School Improvement Plan and the Pupil Premium Funding plan. It details the provision offered by the Milton Abbot School, links to the performance management of all staff and ensures that we are able to show value for money, linked to the progress, wellbeing and attainment of children.

This plan details the provision we have in place to ensure that your child is included in the schools aims and ethos – to be educated in a place of happiness and learning, where we provide a safe, caring, stimulating environment where quality learning and teaching takes place every day. We aim for continual improvement in our own practice and set high expectations for all. Education is about achieving our true potential. It is a life-long process. The acquisition of basic skills, which are essential for all, are at the core of our curriculum. The children of today must also be prepared for a rapidly changing world where adaptability and creativity will be at a premium. We embrace the principles of ‘Every Child Matters’ and believe all children should: • Be healthy • Stay safe • Enjoy and achieve • Make a Positive contribution • Achieve Economic Well-being. 

All staff and the Governors are involved in monitoring and evaluating the provision provided annually, and are responsible collectively for the successful implementation of this offer to ensure success and achievement for all pupils, including those with additional needs and disability. The plan links directly to our Special Educational Needs, Equality and Diversity and Pupil Premium Policies and encompasses the vision provided within these policies. The offer is monitored closely through evaluation on a regular basis by all involved. All staff are provided with relevant and appropriate training in order to ensure that they are providing teaching and learning opportunities which ensure that the offer detailed is being met at all times.

Please download and read the following documents for information about our local and school offer for SEND and Inclusion. Also, follow the link to the Devon Website for the Devon Local offer.


SEND Information Report 19-20

Inclusion Support Pyramid 2014




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